Thursday, September 4, 2008


Tombliboo went inside to wake J-Man. They enjoyed a nice little snuggle (playing with J's torch). I never recorded it here, but J-Man cracked me up a few weeks ago...we had wanted to go to a movie, and when I went in to wake him up (we were takign a bus), he said, "Aww Mum, why do you need ot wake me up so early?"

I replied, "It's not early darling, it's just after 9am- most kids your age are already sitting in school."

"Yeah", he admitted, 'But they're all still tired!"

Princess often finds unusual things to do with different objects- here she is playing some sort of family game with the Trivial Pursuit pieces.
Here's our lovely boy (9yrs 7 months), who finds the taking of photos terribly boring. He tells me repeatedly (lest I forget) that he is "only doing this for the money".
Contrast that with Princess (very soon to be 6 years old) who I took over 100 photos of, without any fuss whatsoever. She loves it! I don't know where she gets that from. Unfortunately, our camera is not very happy just now, and while the photos looked amazing through the viewfinder, very few of them are well-focused.
Completely impossible to take a modelling photo of Tombliboo...meringue mix smeared on his otherwise-clean top, stamps all over his head (and arms and stomach), very hard to caputre him actually being still.

Besides, he is probably not the type of kid they look for...he is highly unlikely to do something he's asked, though now having said that- when I was stuck this morning and needed scissors, he did get hem for me when asked.

He also doesn't like to get dressed ;0)


Ruth said...

Yay! it's back and better! I am so inspired to blog again now...thanks! So am renovating my blog.

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh they all look so much older than when we last saw you all at the end of April. It makes me a little sad. :( Jerry hasn't been playing WoW much but I was so glad he and J-man were able to play last week (or was it the week before?). Anyway, we're always thinking of you guys and hoping you''re well!