Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Exemption Nightmare

Some of you will know I planned to do an unusual Exemption from Enrolment (from school) for Princess. I did a mindmap of all the things she did for a month, split in to a few "subjects"which we don't follow- but just to make it easier for someone from a teaching background to understand.

I added a cover letter, which I felt answered (briefly) the various questions mentioned in the guide they provide. It took around 5 minutes to write, and the mindmap hadn't taken much time at all (just writing the odd sentence through each day).

I suspected it wouldn't get approved "no questions asked"as my first exemption (for J-Man) had...but I reasoned that a second exemption, for a fmaily who have been successfully reviewed by the Education Review Office need not be as comprehensive as hte first.

I was wrong.

It was declined.

I wasn't even asked for further information, which I understood was their usual practice...it was simply declined, with a letter saying as much, and that Princess was required to be enrolled at, and attending a registered school.

What the?

The whole thing has been very stressful, and after much deliberation we decided to send in a rewritten applicaiton. J came over to help look after Tombliboo so I could write it quickly.

It took 2 hours, with distractions to write, and now we are waiting to hear from the Ministry of Education again.

My general feeling about the matter now, is that there are certain hoops we must jump through in order to have the lifestyle we most want/enjoy. Naturally, I'd rather not have to, but 'this is how the law stands right now, and I am not prepared to thwart it at present.'

All of this came at a bad time- with Tombliboo's eardrum bursting for the frist time since he had grommets put in at 9 months. Fingers crossed it is over very soon.

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