Monday, October 27, 2008


We've all enjoyed a long weekend away in Kerikeri visiting Grandma and Poppy. The kiddos got to see their cousins, and we went to the markets (yum!) and for a day on their yacht.

We had several nice, long relaxing spas and played games, played with cats, ate yummy food, chatted and even visited the gigantic hole which will soon (within 6 months probably) be our new home.

The sailing was a highlight...the children enjoy the boat so much. Tombliboo (nearly 2) loved it- it has been a year since we were on it last, but he took to it instantly. He was almost in a trance initially, just staring ahead, perfectly content.

I caught a fish ("shish" to Tombliboo), which delighted him, so he was grinning ear-to-ear (which he pretty much did the whole trip anyway, and calling out "More, More! Another One! Another One!"

Poppy and Daddy took the "big" kids to a beach and they climbed to the top of (and right along) a big hill. I caught another fish, and was a bit panicky about having to remove the hook (for the first time ever- Poppy normally takes over from me at that point, thankfully).

I tried to manoeuvre myself and the fish properly t do the job, but it was thrashing madly, and I felt sorry for it- so planned to give it a little dunk back in the water so it could get a breath- but it got free! I was a teensy bit relieved, because I am yet to actually ever touch a fish. Still, I might have to one day because I really do like fishing (so long as I catch something within the first 2 minutes of dropping the line).

Both the big kids enjoyed some time alone in the dinghy...J-Man (9) rowed himself, and Princess (6) worked out how to bring herself in using the rope. Tombliboo had a go on there with Princess and I, and just with me as well...he was loving it, and we had little conversations.

Poppy called out that he wasn't very lucky with the fish today, and Tombliboo called back, "Why not?" (which is one of his favourite things to say currently). Poppy said he wasn't sure, and Tombliboo asked "Why?"

He also called out "Shek, Shake, Shake" when he noticed Poppy wiggling the fishing rod. I said, "Yes, shake the rod, make the fishies want to take a bite", and he said, "Shake your Booty!"...where on earth did he get that from? I was fairly certain I hadn't misheard, and he went on to repeat the saying (causing his sister to crack up) over and over.

We sailed all the way home which was very exciting- I had actually thought I might sleep while Tombliboo did...but got knocked off the bed while the yacht was only on one side (the other side completely up in the air). It was kinda scary, but exhillerating.

We headed home straight from the marina, and it took less time than usual. (It always takes us a long time with plenty of stops for Tombliboo).

But the biggest excitement is that we discussed ways to help us all (and particularly me) get a better night's sleep. Tombliboo has woken exactly 2-hrly since he was 2 months old. That is, if we go to bed at 11:20pm, he wil lbe up at 1:20am, 3:20am, 5:20am, then 6:2am, and maybe (if we can manage it) 7:20am.

The last three months however, he has been waking (and breastfeeding) every hour, sometimes as often as half-hourly (this has always been his pattern when sick/teething, etc, but there hasn't seemed to be any particular reason for it carrying on this long).

I have joked about it a little, but it is actually a statement of fact when I say, 'I can't remember what my sentence was about"...this happens to me regualrly, mid-sentence. I also forget all manner of things day-today, where I usually have a very good memory. There are other tellign signs, my sleep-deprivation is causing trouble.

But still I have no interest in making my little boy suffer because of it. And still, again, I am convinced he has no reason to be getting up as often as he is.

Some people say it is the co-sleeping, and certainly co-sleeping toddlers do wake more than their non-co-sleeping peers. I knew that when I decided to have Tombliboo in our bed, I expect it- I'm happy with it actually- I just want it to be twice a night, not 6 times.

So, we made a plan to have me sleep in J-Man's bed (at the other end of the house), and Daddy would sleep with his boys. He knew I didn't want to make Tombliboo sad, and I was happy to come in a heartbeat- we just wanted to see if it made a difference...did it ever!

Tombliboo had a long breastfeed at 10:30pm, then cuddled in my arms for another half hour. I put him in bed at 11pm, and Daddy and J-Man joined him.

I went to bed, and didn't look at the clock again until 3am! I noticed Tombliboo crying, so I waited to hear what would happen. He whimpered on again and off again for a while, so I got out of bed, and went to stand outside the door (letting dh know I was there if needed)...he was humming to Tombliboo, with him joining in a little between tiny sobs. Then there was silence. I waited for a bit, then decided I wasn't needed and went back to bed. Tombliboo whimpered a few more times, and I say on high-alert for 20 minutes or so, before deciding to sleep. I didn't sleep very well after that, expecting to have to leap in to action at any second...but, I got up of my own accord at 6:30am...and Tombliboo didn't wake until 7:15am!

I know too well that announcing something like this will usually mean not a repeat tonight, but rather the complete opposite...still, I am excited! My mind is running away with possibilities of sleeping for more than an hour at a time.

But now I need to go enjoy that little boy...I missed him actually, as much as I enjoyed the extra zzz's.

The plan for tonight is more of the same, and we will keep going for a week, or until Daddy has had enough.


Ruth said...

very funny abou the "shake you r booty", classic!

Johanna Knox said...

Hi Lishelle - here's hoping for more sleep for you now!!! xxx Glad the trip was so good.

Cally said...

Cool Lishelle - that sleep deprivation is horrible isn't it? It is just so hard to function. I hope this is the start of a new stage for you.

I know what you mean about missing them though, there is something very special about those nightime cuddles. Now I'm at another women's life stage, I have found myself lying in bed woken yet again by menopausal hot flushes, thinking how much nicer it was being woken by a baby-cuddle.

Shell (in NZ) said...

We've had 4 nights now, and dh says they are getting better...I miss Tombliboo sooo much! I'd like to go back to normal, just with more sleep. Last night I got up at 1am to feed him and give him a looooong snuggle :0)

dh doesn't like me diverting from "the plan", and has now adjusted the plan to read "come back when he is sleeping all night"...which wasn't my plan at all, but I will admit to being quite partial to it (and also fairly certain it ain't gonna happen!).

Secretly, I think dh wants his little boy (boys actually, J-Man is in their bed too), to himself.

Noix_coco said...

So how is it now?

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