Tuesday, October 7, 2008

13 Years

We had our anniversary yesterday.

Princess had wondered what I would be getting Daddy for a present, and I explained we don't normally do presents. She was quite bothered by that idea, so had used her own money to buy Beados in order to make us gifts to give to each ohter.

She made a card all on her own, and hid it about a week ago...I'm sure she was more excited about this anniversary than we were.

She reminded her Daddy at least a hundreds times that he needed to make me a card, and he reminded J-Man as well. J-Man didn't see how it concerned him, and was getting more than a little annoyed at the constant nagging. I think it made him all the more detemined *not* to make a card (not that we expected him to).

She was counting down the days for abotu a fortnight,adn got very excited the day before! "Only one more day" she kept announcing. I realised I hadn't got around to making dh a card, and she sadly said, "Why bother? He won't make one for you."

The big day arrived, and Princess had basically forced Daddy to sit at the art table the night before and create a card for me...it was fabulous, must have taken him ages- and Princess confirms that he was indeed "Up working on your card until Courage the Cowardly Dog- which is on very late!"

We usually take the kids with us when we go out for our anniversary, but this year I had organised for Nana to come and babysit so we could go out alone. Dh has been wanting to go out "just us" for ages, and I have been meaning to surprise him, but haven't quite got to it.

It was really nice :0)

I worried about Tombliboo, and mostly about Nana having to deal with a sad little fellow who really just likes his Mummy when he wants to go to sleep. Still, as the mother of 5, and loads of grandchildren (of which dh is the eldest) and our 3 great-grandchildren, I knew they couldn't be in better hands. Further, Nana is someone who *loves* children. She will even play World of Warcraft, not because it is even slightly interesting to her- but because she loves her grandchildren, and wants to do the things they enjoy. She's amazing :0)

And I needn't have worried...Tombliboo was fine, he fell asleep in Nana's arms 5 or 10 minutes before we arrived home.

As for us- we talked and talked and talked. I don't think we've talked so much to each other in years. It was our first night out- just us- in at least 3 years, and it was brilliant.

I can't believe we've been married 13 years- it seems a long time (though we do have a boy who is nearly 10!!), and yet, it still seems like just yesterday...the nervousness and excitement, and sore cheeks (from smiling constantly).


Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary. A night out is so nice ... we just celebrated our 12th and also finally had a night out. It had been a few years and it was so nice to eat slowly without getting up once and just talking.

Cally said...

So glad it went well - I guess he forgave you for asking him firmly to drive across town to drop J at his friend's place, once he discovered the true purpose of the journey :)