Monday, November 30, 2009

If you're happy and you know it...

Clap your hands (don't eat them!) :0)

We are having such a cool week!

Yesterday we had friends arrive out-of-the blue, and that was lovely.

Then, we received a giant Lego pack, purchased after selling unwanted toys.

The kids finished the Lego in a few hours, and had a blast building it all.

Then our (awesome) neighbour came over with an armchair he and his wife were going to give to the Sallies after purchasing a new suite. It's not any old armchair- it's a la-z-boy, and it is superb!

He also brought round a compost bin he has made for me! I have been hanging out for a compost bin, and burying food scraps so as not to send them to the landfill...but it is a pain, and I don;t need another garden plot.

Every time I think I have set aside money to buy a compost bin, I use it for something more pressing...and I also just discovered they are far more costly than I had supposed. It's a real boon!

Today we went to visit unschooling friends in the morning, then walked through a bush to get to a cool park and meet up with other home edders for a picnic.

The children had a fabulous time together, then we went back to our friends' home, and enjoyed another few hours with them.

In that time, the kids also had a swim at one of their friends' homes, and then we got dropped home as well (instead of having to catch a bus).

Now the kiddos are fed and happy- watching a Scooby-Doo movie, and all is right with the world :0)

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