Friday, November 27, 2009


No easy way to say it, but I left my husband (or nearly 14 years) in September.

The children and I have moved back to Auckland, and are renting a place in a nice neighbourhood- close to good friends, and with lots of room for us.

Some days I think I was nuts to do this, others I can't believe I didn't leave sooner...but the big news is that we are very happy.

In fact, the happiness of the children was what kept me there, and it turns out to have not been necessary. Of course, it's early days really, but for now we are all doing very well.

The children have made new friends (as have I), and we are growing plenty of veges...or at least- we've planted them- we're yet to sample more than a few lettuce leaves and a cherry tomato ;0)

We have all our stuff out of storage. We had to buy furniture since we sold all our's, but we got bargains at the local opshop.

Money is tight, but it was before as well...I am on a benefit, which I can;t like, but a kind friend did some numbers for me- and showed that if I went to work full time I would cost the government (and therefore taxpayers) an extra $15K than if I look after my own children. I'm sure this way is a load healthier for us all, even if it does mean we have to really think about every dollar.

We will stay unschooling, and I will stay close to my babies. Currently J-Man (nearly 11) is busy making online games through gamemaker...he has a fabulous knack for the mechanics of it- makes it look simple enough that maybe I could have a go at it one day.

Princess (7) is now reading quite well. Not fluent yet, but not far off. She plays every day with the neighbour's boys, and has a gigantic collection of plastic ponies that keep her busy for hours.

Tombliboo (just 3) amuses us every day with the funny things he says. He is taking a big interest in other children at the moment, and is a whiz on the computer. A little bit too friendly with delete buttons, but amazing to watch really.

Very sorry for those of you how probably deserved a personal e-mail (at least) to say this. It's not really easy to admit, and I have been hiding out just a little bit. Onward and upwards though...I'm certain this was the best thing for all five of us.


Stace & family said...

Shell, just read your announcement.....sorry to hear of your separation but I'm sure that whatever you have decided is the best thing for all of you. I certainly know some of the feelings you are going through at the moment and if I can be of any help or just someone to talk to, please feel very free.
The kids and I are thinking of you.
Take care

Kiwi_Mama said...

So sorry it has come to this. I hope you still have my contact details coz we would love to catch up sometime.



Ruth said...

Yay, you all look really happy :) :) xx