Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm Back!

Well, sort of- we only have dial-up and while the whole world knwos it's slow, I think most people don't rememeber just *how* slow!

I will try to keep things brief here, and elucidate as time (and internet connection) allows.

We are still living in the little bach on the beach. It's quite lovely really, but annoying to be so far from town and people in general. Teh hosue is still at least 2 months from completion.

Ben is unemployed, but working on the hosue as often as possible to try and get us there a bit quicker. I have done 3 days work in 3 weeks, which is not much, but has helped just to get a few extra bits and pieces to make our lives a little more interesting.

Tomorrow we are heading to Whangarei for a home education symposium. I can't wait. J-Man thinks it is silly sicne we've been homeschooling for 5 years, so what do I need to hear about it. But I am excited about meeting more people, especially Kerrin from our kiwi unschooler's group, who's posts I have enjoyed for over 5 years, but never met personally.

I also hope I might be a help to somebody there- funny to imagine people with children just 5, or not even. The last conference I went to- that was me. Wondering how I would go about homeschooling with a toddler as well. It's funny to think of really. I worried about so many things quite unnecessarily.

Ben will look after the kiddos, and hopefully meet up with some friends of our's that live there.

It has been quite lonely here, but I was managing alright because I liked being with the kiddos. Also, with such a small hosue the cleaning is done fairly quickly, and I have been able to play(and be) with them so much more than when we were in Auckland. I also wasn't busy on the computer, which freed up my time- but at a cost. No friends at all is pretty draining. Well, I shouldn't say that- I've had some awesome friends texting me very regularly, and cheering me up no end.

Anyway, I was coping as I said- but it all went to pot a few weeks ago when J-Man decided he wanted to go to school. I'll talk about all the whys and wherefores in another post, but suffice it for now to say- he went! And then he convinced Princess to go too.

And now they're home. And everything seems right with the world once again.

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Johanna Knox said...

HI Lishelle - must be nice to have internet after a break - any internet!!!

The homeschool conference sounds like it will be great. I'll keep checking in to see how you all are!