Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quick Update

Hi Folks :0)

No time at all, and my first time on a computer in 3 weeks.

We have made it to Keriekri (nearly 3 weeks ago). We were happy at the bach, but Tombibloo in particular really couldn;t understand why he couldn't see his Daddy. So, we are renting a place up here until our house is finished (at least 2 months away).

The place we are in is very cute, very small- but plenty big enough for us atm...also, not much to clean- Whoopee!

It is on a lovely private beach, and we are very spoiled...we eat breakfast whislt watching the tide come in, herons prnacing about, and all manner of birdlife to boot.

The kids are happy...we all are. In a way, life is in limbo- Ben has work atm, but only for 3 weeks, and we are unsure of how many hours each day he will get until the day arrives. He takes the car each day, so we aren't really making friends yet.

Still, happy, really happily, J-Man and Princess are getting on better than ever- playing ponies for several hours each day.

We are unplugged in a sense- we still have dvd's , but no tv or comp0uter...and it really is great :0)

Not that I wouldn't mind a computer her eand there- but really, I love spending extra time with the kiddos.

We've learned to play a board gmae we were given 3 years ago and haven;t opened (!), and have taught the kids to play Up and Down the River (To hell and back), 500 and solitaire.

Time is up, unfortunately...but I will try to get on again soon :0)


Debbie said...

Glad to see you're back (every now and then). I'm on Facebook now - I succumbed :-) So, will chat with you if we're both online at the same time. Hey, can you email me your phone number, then I can ring.


Kiwi_Mama said...

Sounds lovely. Wouldn't mind a few weeks of that sort of peace and solitude myelf. Kids might not be quite so keen though as they are social beings and would miss their sports teams but mum would love it. LOL I hope you all have some good books to read.

Maybe someone could post on the boards to have local homeschoolers contact you via text or phone. I'd be happy to put the word out if you want to meet some people.

All the best


Mama Teaching 2 said...

It sounds like everything is going well. :) Enjoy the time together...

Noixcoco said...

Cooooooooool! I was wondering where you were up to.

Ruth said...

Looks so nice where you are! Nice to hear your updates. Wow, so different to where you were before eh! So great to hear you are all happy. :)