Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quick Update

Life is great at the moment. It's sunny, which is always nice...everything is ticking along smoothly. We're at home a lot, which is great for getting things done, and giving children the freedom they need. But we're out a bit too, which gives us a neat balance.

The house is always a mess, and it's quite hard for me to handle that- since it seems like I am cleaning up all the time..but as my dear Nan (87) says..."You can't have children without mess."

I'm trying to lose weight. It seems to be working fairly well right now, but I am on Day 4 (after a break at Christmas) and that is when I usually throw it in. Hopefully it's different this time- we'll see :0)

This morning Princess found the doctor kit, and asked if I would be her patient.

Princess: "Next...that means you come in and lie down, Mum."
Me: "I'm very sick- I don't know what's wrong with me."
Princess: "I'll just check your heart. It is beating loudly- you are very loving."
Me: "Thank you, yes, I love a lot of people a great deal."
Princess: "Now I will check your blood pulse."
Tombliboo: "Pulsatilla? Yes- I have it right here."
Princess: "I think you are probably very tired and need a long rest. Can I get you something to eat or drink?"
Me: "Yes, I am very tired"
Princess: "You need to have some medicine."
Me: "Oh, I don;t really like taking medicine."
Princess: "It will be ok- it's is very necessary, and it tastes like strawberry."
Me: Right. Good. Well, now I would like to see if I can get the trampoline put up for you."
Princess: Mu-um...we're playing! We need the trampoline, but we really need you to get better. Dr T will cherish you until the morning and I'll come back to check on you."
Tombliboo: "Just lie there sir, and I will play you some music." (gets out his electric guitar).
Princess: "Cook-a-doodle-doo...Good morning- how's the patient? I've checked over all your tests and I think there is nothing medically wrong with you any more. Would you like your nails cut?"


Melanie said...

aww, this is so great, this kind of love and care could really improve medicine! :)

Kiwi_Mama said...

That's so cute! Did you end up getting the medical all clear to put up the trampoline?

Shell (in NZ) said...

Thansk for your comment Melanie...it was ratehr sweet :0)

Nina- no (!), I still haven't put the trampoline up- it really isn't a one person job, lol...Josh would love for your boys to come play some time (all welcome of course) :0)